Out of Hand - Museum of Applied arts and science

Architect: LAVA
Project Completed: 2016

The immersive space is a trajectory through the history of digital manufacturing, featuring works by more than 60 artists, designers and architects from around the world, such as Zaha Hadid, Iris van Herpen and Ron Arad.

The design was inspired by the exhibition content: The experience is a continuous line through out the space expressing the infinite possibilities generated through the emerging of digital data collection and digital manufacture. This line runs along three strips of various heights on which the artworks are displayed at ideal levels to be viewed.

The curves were created with an internal timber structure and bendable plywood. Horizontal surfaces were CNC cut in batches and then assembled on site, proving to be cost and time effective.

The cool white interior space is lined with concealed strip lighting, creating a sense that the structures are floating. The seamless finish allows the objects to capture the full attention of the viewer whilst also creating the illusion of infinite depths in the sweeps of the curves.

The exhibition examines “the place and impact of digital technology in the design and production of objects, recognising that many techniques have emerged from past ideas and are now defining new possibilities, understandings and expectations.”

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