Published - The Office Space Paramount, Artichoke Issue 54

For people outside the design profession, it is often the finished product that most represents what designers do. Yet for those within the professions of architecture and interiors, the reality of practice is embedded in the processes and dynamics of teamwork and collaboration. The success or failure of a completed project is, more often than not, demonstrative of the efficacy of the team — the client, contractors, consultants and designer. Commonly today, the procurement and delivery of most mid- to large-scale projects does not favour an integrated collaborative approach; instead, each parcel is bundled up into its discrete billable and deliverable segments. Rejecting this mode of working, Woods Bagot and The Office Space (the client and builder) have collaborated on Paramount to produce an interior of outstanding quality, both in terms of its design integrity and aesthetic beauty. 

Excerpt from Artichoke Issue 54