We work alongside the project architects and designers to develop creative solutions for all lighting requirements. Our approach is to consider each project as a unique opportunity to maximize the effects of lighting to highlight the architecture and design of the built environment. The involvement of our lighting designers as part of the creative concept development ensures seamless integration between all consultants.

Continuing on from the Concept Development, our integration in the Design Process ensures that ideas are translated into solutions that satisfy the brief and the budget. This stage allows us to specify the details such as lighting equipment selection, materials, finishes, light distribution and colour temperatures. This stage also includes the creation of mock-ups, prototypes and lighting demonstrations to ensure results.

Following approved design development, we continue on to the detailed process of the design and production process. We provide comprehensive documentation packages to suit the individual needs of each project. Following specification and documentation, we oversee the physical production of custom made fittings.

We provide onsite and in factory support to manufacturers as well as construction teams. Our service includes full coordination of on site and installation issues.