All material in nature,
the mountains and the streams and the air and we,
are made of light which has been spent,
and this crumpled mass called material casts a shadow,
and the shadow belongs to light.
— Louis Kahn, ‘the architect of light’.

LIGHT PRACTICE is an Independent lighting design office that provides the architectural and design industry with a professional design and consultancy service.  At Light Practice, we work in close contact with architects and designers using light to support architecture, helping to create interior and exterior environments that perform to perfection day or night.

Light, whether natural or artificial, is transparent, flexible, and versatile, it is difficult to exploit and control. Good lighting design brings quantifiable benefits to building owners, occupiers, and to towns and cities, in terms of visual amenity, enhanced well being, plus energy / cost saving, and the control of light pollution. A well considered lighting design will compliment landscape and townscape, exterior and interior architecture, and in most instances does not draw attention to itself. This can only be achieved through a complete understanding of both the aesthetic and technical requirements of lighting design. Effective and innovative use of light, requires an investment in singular design skills.

The Light Practice team of specialist lighting designers work in many different sectors including commercial headquarters, hotels, residential, health, educational and landscape projects. Our commitment is to our client and providing the very best lighting design solutions.

Practice Director, Jovica Sredojevic, believes that Lighting is an integral part of any successful design process. It should be addressed early on during the creation of any building or environment to ensure that the light is seamlessly integrated into the architecture and interior, not an afterthought.